Aeroflex Industries IPO allotment tomorrow: Latest GMP & status check guide

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Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment Tomorrow: GMP, Allotment Status

The much-awaited Aeroflex Industries IPO allotment is on the horizon, set for Tuesday, August 29. As anticipation builds, investors who subscribed to the issue can conveniently track their Aeroflex Industries IPO allotment status through the designated registrar’s portal, managed by Link Intime India Private Ltd.

The essence of this process lies in deciphering the number of shares allocated based on the basis of allotment. For those whose allocations didn’t materialize, the refund procedure commences on Wednesday, August 30. Meanwhile, fortunate allottees will find their shares securely nestled in their demat accounts by Thursday, August 31.

Marking another significant milestone, the listing of Aeroflex Industries IPO is slated for Thursday, August 31, on both NSE and BSE platforms. For those who’ve taken part in this investment journey, discerning the allotment status of the Aeroflex IPO is of paramount importance.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment Status Check

For all the eager applicants of the Aeroflex Industries IPO, the quest to uncover their allotment status is just a few clicks away. Head over to the official website of the IPO registrar, Link Intime India Private Ltd, to promptly access your Aeroflex IPO allotment status. The following steps will be your guiding light:

Step 1: Navigate to the link provided: Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment Status

Step 2: In the dropdown menu, select the IPO name once the allocation process is finalized.

Step 3: Opt for one of the available options to unveil your status: Application Number, Demat Account, or PAN.

Step 4: Choose between ASBA and non-ASBA as your application type.

Step 5: Input the requisite information based on your selected mode from Step 2.

Step 6: Complete the process by clicking the submit button after tackling the captcha.

Exploring Alternative Platforms:

If you’re looking for alternative channels to determine your Aeroflex Industries IPO allotment status, you’re in luck. Both the BSE and NSE platforms offer distinct avenues:

For BSE:

Step 1: Journey to the official allotment page of BSE by visiting BSE Allotment Page

Step 2: Under ‘Issue Type’, choose ‘Equity’.

Step 3: Select the IPO from the dropdown menu under ‘Issue Name’.

Step 4: Input your PAN or application number.

Step 5: Prove your human identity by checking the ‘I am not a Robot’ box and hit ‘Submit’.

For NSE:

Step 1: Embark on your NSE allotment status quest by visiting NSE IPO Login

Step 2: Register with your PAN by opting for the ‘Click here to sign up’ choice on the NSE site.

Step 3: Create your login credentials by supplying a username, password, and captcha code.

Step 4: Your destination: the newly opened page revealing your IPO allotment status.

Aeroflex Industries GMP

As excitement brews in the financial sphere, the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for the Aeroflex Industries IPO is a beacon of insight. Currently, the GMP for the IPO stands at a promising +70, consistent with the preceding two sessions. This signifies that the shares of Aeroflex Industries IPO are trading at an impressive ₹70 premium in the grey market as reported by

Factoring in the upper limit of the IPO price band and the present grey market premium, industry pundits speculate that the estimated listing price of Aeroflex Industries IPO could reach ₹178 per share. This projection boasts a remarkable surge of 64.81% over the initial IPO price.

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Today’s GMP trends, as highlighted by, signal an optimistic trajectory, hinting at an upward movement and projecting a robust listing. In the realm of GMP, the range spans from ₹17 to ₹72, showcasing the diversity of investor sentiment.

In this intricate financial dance, the ‘grey market premium’ stands as a testament to the investor appetite, exemplifying their willingness to pay above the stipulated issue price.

Aeroflex Industries IPO in the Spotlight

Fronted by the backing of Ashish Kacholia, the Aeroflex Industries Limited IPO took the market by storm. Commencing the subscription phase on Tuesday, August 22 and culminating on Thursday, August 24, the company had set the price range at ₹102 to ₹108 per equity share for the much-anticipated initial public offering.

Within its structure, the Aeroflex Industries IPO encompasses a fresh issuance of equity shares amounting to ₹162 crore in value. This is supplemented by an offer-for-sale (OFS) feature, allowing up to 1.75 crore equity shares to be offered by the promoters, comprising the selling shareholders and the esteemed promoter group. Notably, the equity shares have a face value of ₹2 each.

The utilization of the fresh issue proceeds is outlined in the DRHP. The funds raised are earmarked for tackling debt, fulfilling the exigencies of working capital, and setting aside a portion for general corporate necessities and potential acquisitions, aimed at inorganic growth.

Steering this offering is Pantomath Capital Advisors Private Ltd as the exclusive BRLM, while the esteemed role of registrar falls under the purview of Link Intime India Private Ltd. This orchestration underscores a harmonious collaboration aimed at a successful IPO voyage.

About Aeroflex Industries:

Established in 1993, formerly known as Suyog Intermediates Private Limited, Aeroflex Industries Limited specializes in producing and distributing environmentally friendly flexible metallic flow solution products.

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