Aeroflex Industries IPO lists today: Experts anticipate strong debut

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The eagerly awaited listing of the Aeroflex Industries IPO is scheduled for August 31, 2023. According to a recent notice by the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), the equity shares of Aeroflex Industries Limited will be officially listed and available for trading on the exchange starting from Thursday, August 31, 2023. These shares will be part of the ‘B’ group of securities. Investors can anticipate an exciting start to trading, as the listing ceremony is slated for a special pre-open session at 10:00 AM during Thursday’s trading session.

Anticipated Strong Listing and Market Sentiments:

Market experts are buzzing with optimism regarding the listing of Aeroflex Industries shares.’s Founder, Abhay Doshi, a prominent player in the unlisted stock market sector, expressed high expectations for the IPO’s debut. Doshi noted, “Aeroflex Industries IPO garnered remarkable demand across all investor categories, leading to an impressive oversubscription rate. Despite the IPO’s premium pricing, the company’s consistent performance, robust export focus, and a relatively modest issue size have kept market sentiments positive. These factors have generated substantial interest, setting the stage for significant listing gains. As the listing date approaches, investor enthusiasm is predicted to further amplify the positive trend.”

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Insights from Avinash Gorakshkar, Head of Research at Profitmart Securities:

Avinash Gorakshkar, Head of Research at Profitmart Securities, weighed in on the potential debut of Aeroflex Industries shares. He observed, “The IPO market is experiencing a strong bullish trend, with the Aeroflex Industries IPO receiving an enthusiastic response from investors. Given the reasonable offering price and the comparatively compact issue size, I anticipate a robust start for Aeroflex Industries shares. This attractive combination is likely to attract new buyers to the stock post-listing.”

Aeroflex Industries IPO GMP Today:

Industry analysts report that in the grey market today, shares of Aeroflex Industries Ltd are trading at a premium of ₹71 per equity share. This signals a positive sentiment and heightened demand for the upcoming IPO. As the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for the Aeroflex Industries IPO stands at ₹71, market insiders are indicating an estimated opening share price of around ₹181.

Investors and market enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the listing to see how these predictions unfold and whether Aeroflex Industries can live up to the positive market sentiment.

About Aeroflex Industries:

Founded in 1993 and previously named Suyog Intermediates Private Limited, Aeroflex Industries Limited is a company focused on manufacturing and supplying eco-friendly flexible metallic flow solutions. Their product range includes a variety of options such as braided and unbraided hoses, solar hoses, gas and vacuum hoses, interlock hoses, hose assemblies, jacketed hose assemblies, exhaust connectors, expansion bellows, compensators, and related fittings. As of March 31, 2023, the company has developed an extensive product portfolio comprising over 1,700 distinct Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

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