Creativeland Asia Network Acquires 62% Stake in London’s Creators Inc.

Creativeland Asia Network Acquires 62% Stake in London's Creators Inc.

Creativeland Asia Network Celebrates 16th Anniversary with Acquisition of Creators Inc. for Global Expansion

In a groundbreaking move, Creativeland Studio, a subsidiary of Creativeland Asia Network (CLAN), has acquired London-based Creators Inc., marking CLAN’s 16th anniversary and solidifying its entry into the international long and short content production market. The deal, valued at over £3 million, serves as a significant milestone for CLAN, as it paves the way for the expansion of its global footprint and the realization of its vision to establish a global creative super ecosystem.

As part of this strategic acquisition, CLAN has launched Creativeland Studios, a dedicated entity focused on nurturing the growth of long and short-format cinema and television content. The primary objective of Creativeland Studios is to create, produce, and distribute top-notch films, documentaries, television series, and audio content.

The addition of Creators Inc. to the Creativeland Studios family has resulted in the consolidation of ten active slates, including two titles currently in production. With this development, Creativeland Studios now boasts an impressive pipeline of over 50 titles, promising a diverse range of compelling content for audiences worldwide.

Creators Inc. stands out as a unique production house renowned for its expertise in both long and short format content. The company is home to a roster of esteemed directors, including industry heavyweights such as Guy Ritchie, Cary Joji Fukunaga, Sarah Gavron, Philip Barantini, Colin Tilley, Mark Osborne, and many more. Founded and led by Jani Guest, Creators Inc. leverages the collective talents of award-winning industry specialists from advertising, film, and television, thereby positioning itself as a dominant force in the global production market across all formats.

The strategic acquisition of Creators Inc. marks CLAN’s successful entry into the creative, technology, marketing, and media services ecosystem on a global scale. By seamlessly integrating Creators Inc.’s expertise and resources into its operations, CLAN has bolstered its position in the entertainment industry, ready to conquer new horizons.

Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Chairman of CLAN, envisions Creativeland Studios as a platform where filmmakers and creators can unleash their artistic vision, bringing unique stories and ideas to captivated viewers. The acquisition of Creators Inc. serves as a momentous step toward realizing this vision. With this global expansion, CLAN’s potential knows no bounds, and it stands prepared to make its mark on the entertainment world.

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Speaking on the occasion, Sajan Raj Kurup expressed his excitement, stating, “At Creativeland Asia, our mission is to create an unparalleled creative infrastructure that integrates media, technology, creativity, and humanity, curating a more entertaining life for all. This acquisition strategically aligns with our goal of bringing brands, content, and talent together on a consolidated platform. In today’s interconnected world, we recognize the pivotal role that content plays in keeping us connected, informed, and entertained.”

Jani Guest, Founder and CEO of Creators Inc., also shared her enthusiasm, emphasizing the company’s commitment to placing its exceptional directorial talent at the forefront. The partnership with Raj and CLA empowers Creators Inc. to accelerate the development and production of impactful stories created by their talented directors. Guest expressed her delight in finding an ideal partner who shares their vision and goals for the future.

The collaboration between Creativeland Studios and Creators Inc. promises a dynamic fusion of creativity, innovation, and storytelling excellence. As CLAN continues its journey toward reshaping the entertainment landscape, audiences can look forward to a plethora of captivating and transformative content that entertains, inspires, and sparks positive change.

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Creativeland Asia Private Limited was incorporated on June 16, 2007, as a private company. It falls under the classification of a non-government entity and is registered at the Registrar of Companies in Mumbai. The company has an authorized share capital of Rs. 10,000,000 and a paid-up capital of Rs. 10,000,000. Its primary activities involve motion picture, radio, television, and other entertainment endeavors.

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