FSN E-Commerce Ventures approves investment proposals

FSN E-Commerce Ventures approves investment proposals

FSN E-Commerce Ventures Approves Investment Proposals

The Fundraise & Investment Committee of the Board of Directors of FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited has granted approval for two significant investment proposals. The committee met on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, to discuss and finalize the following decisions:

  1. Additional Investment in FSN International Private Limited: FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited plans to make a further investment of up to INR 200 million in its wholly owned subsidiary, FSN International Private Limited. This investment will be carried out on a rights basis. The purpose of this investment is to strengthen and support the operations of FSN International.
  2. Further Investment by FSN International in Nessa International Holdings Limited: FSN International intends to invest up to USD 2 million in one of its overseas subsidiaries, namely Nessa International Holdings Limited. This investment will bolster the growth and expansion of Nessa International, positioning it as a key player in the international market.

Following the completion of these transactions, FSN International will continue to be a wholly owned subsidiary of FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited. Nessa International will retain its status as a subsidiary of FSN International and a step-down subsidiary of FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited.

About FSN E-Commerce Ventures:

FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited operates as a consumer technology platform company. The company is involved in the production, sale, and distribution of beauty, wellness, fitness, personal care, healthcare, skincare, and hair care products.

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