International Conveyors invests in BSE equity shares

International Conveyors invests in BSE equity shares

In a strategic move, International Conveyors Limited has made a noteworthy investment by acquiring a substantial stake of 1,08,023 equity shares in BSE Limited, valuing at Rs. 10.00 Crore. This substantial acquisition has elevated the company’s overall shareholding to 1,43,846 Equity Shares, marking a significant increase from their prior holding of 35,823 Equity Shares.

BSE Limited, an iconic institution with its roots dating back to 1875, stands as Asia’s pioneer stock exchange, headquartered in the bustling city of Mumbai. Renowned for its dynamic offerings, BSE serves as a paramount platform for trading an array of financial instruments encompassing equity, currency, debt securities, derivatives, and mutual funds.

The illustrious history of BSE is underscored by groundbreaking innovations, most notably the introduction of the esteemed S&P BSE SENSEX index. Notably, BSE has etched its name in the annals of financial history by securing the title of the world’s fastest stock exchange. This accomplishment has not only solidified its position as a global frontrunner but has also paved the way for groundbreaking advancements within the industry.

About International Conveyors:

Since 1978, International Conveyors Limited has been involved in the production and promotion of solid woven fabric-reinforced PVC impregnated belts, as well as PVC-covered fire-retardant and anti-static conveyor belting in India. With a wealth of experience spanning 35 years, the company has established itself as a significant player in this industry.

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