Jio rapidly deploys 85% 5G coverage in India: Akash Ambani

Jio rapidly deploys 85% 5G coverage in India: Akash Ambani

In a groundbreaking development, Reliance Jio, a prominent player in the telecom industry, has successfully deployed an impressive 85% 5G network coverage across India. This extraordinary feat was proudly announced by the company’s Chairman, Akash Ambani, who further revealed that they possess the capacity to install one 5G cell every 10 seconds.

According to a recent statement by Ookla, a renowned broadband speed and quality measurement firm, Akash Ambani expressed his satisfaction in surpassing their initial promise of achieving a nationwide 5G network by December 2023. He emphasized, “I am particularly proud of our commitment to delivering True 5G technology. Today, we’ve achieved comprehensive 5G network coverage across the nation ahead of our scheduled deadline. Notably, Jio has been responsible for 85% of the total 5G deployment in India, and our pace remains swift with a 5G cell deployed every 10 seconds.”

The Department of Telecom reported that over 3.38 lakh 5G base stations have been strategically deployed across the country to make this ambitious endeavor a reality.

Akash Ambani also highlighted the company’s remarkable journey in the last seven years, setting global benchmarks and propelling India into the digital limelight. He expressed his unwavering faith in India’s digital future and its potential to emerge as a global leader, saying, “Today, our ambitions are even higher, and our faith in India’s digital future is as strong as ever. We remain fully committed to realizing the full potential of a digital India and assisting India in taking the global stage by storm.”

In an accolade that further solidifies their dominance, Ookla declared Jio as the number one network in India, with the company securing all nine Speedtest awards for mobile networks in the market, including those for 5G networks.

Ookla stated, “Jio has emerged as the #1 Network in India, winning all nine awards for Mobile Networks in the market, including all awards for 5G networks. This is a first for any service provider anywhere in the world.”

The awards bestowed upon Jio encompassed various categories, including best mobile network, fastest mobile network, best mobile coverage, top-rated mobile network, best mobile video experience, best mobile gaming experience, fastest 5G mobile network, best 5G mobile video experience, and best 5G mobile gaming experience.

Stephen Bye, President, and CEO of Ookla, commended Jio’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences in terms of speed, video quality, and gaming. He stated, “We are pleased to recognize Jio’s efforts in providing the best customer experience in speed, video, and gaming to their customers. These awards and this recognition make them the most awarded network in India, reaffirming Jio’s ambition to offer the best-in-class network to their consumers.”

About Reliance Jio:

Reliance Jio stands as the largest mobile network operator in India and ranks as the third largest globally. It operates as a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, India’s leading conglomerate. Jio made its public debut on September 5, 2016.

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