Megha Gas Expands CNG Distribution Network to 100 Stations

Megha Gas Expands CNG Distribution Network to 100 Stations

Megha Gas Expands CNG Distribution Network with 100 New Stations

Megha City Gas Distribution Private Limited (MCGDPL) has announced the successful expansion of its compressed natural gas (CNG) distribution network, with the opening of 100 stations. This achievement marks a significant milestone for MCGDPL, as it represents 25 percent of the company’s target for 2024.

The inauguration of the 100th CNG station took place in Keesara, Telangana, further solidifying MCGDPL’s position as the second largest gas supply company in India. This rapid expansion showcases Megha Gas’s ability to swiftly establish CNG stations and contribute to the nation’s transition towards a gas-based economy.

Megha Gas has set ambitious goals for the future, aiming to establish an additional 400 CNG stations and provide approximately 200,000 piped natural gas (PNG) connections nationwide by 2024. The company’s CEO, Venkatesh Palimpati, emphasized the importance of natural gas as a clean and environmentally friendly fuel source, expressing pride in their contribution to the nation’s progress.

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With 46 CNG stations in Telangana, 28 in Andhra Pradesh, 12 in Karnataka, 4 in Uttar Pradesh, 4 in Madhya Pradesh, 3 in Tamil Nadu, and 3 in Punjab, Megha Gas’s extensive network ensures wider access to clean and sustainable energy across multiple states.

As Megha Gas continues to expand its CNG distribution network, it aims to support the nation’s efforts toward a greener and more sustainable future.

About Megha Gas:

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