Mono Pharmacare IPO now live: GMP, Price, Reviews & more in 10 points

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Mono Pharmacare IPO has officially commenced today, marking a significant step for the company’s growth. The IPO window is open for bids until August 30, 2023, offering investors an opportunity to become a part of this pharmaceutical venture. With a price band set between ₹26 and ₹28 per equity share, Mono Pharmacare’s IPO has already garnered attention in the grey market, where shares are trading at a premium of ₹5 per share, indicating strong early interest.

Key Highlights of the Mono Pharmacare IPO:

Mono Pharmacare IPO GMP Today:

The unlisted stock market reports a premium of ₹5 per share for Mono Pharmacare Limited, indicating a favorable reception in the market.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Price:

Mono Pharmacare has established a price range of ₹26 to ₹28 per equity share for its public offering, allowing potential investors flexibility in their participation.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Date:

The book build issue, the foundation of the IPO, commenced today and is set to welcome subscriptions until August 30, 2023, providing interested parties ample time to consider their investment.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Size:

The company aims to generate ₹14.84 crore through the IPO’s fresh issue route, bolstering its financial resources for future endeavors.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Lot Size:

Investors can engage in the IPO through lots, with each lot comprising 4000 shares of the company.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Objective:

The net proceeds from the IPO will serve the company’s key objectives, including addressing working capital needs, supporting general corporate initiatives, and managing issue-related expenses.

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Mono Pharmacare IPO Allotment Date:

The provisional date for share allocation is scheduled for September 4, 2023, providing transparency and clarity to investors regarding their shares.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Registrar:

The esteemed responsibility of being the official registrar for the IPO rests with Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd, a trusted name in this domain.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Listing:

The company is planning to debut on the NSE SME exchange, enhancing its visibility and opening new avenues for growth.

Mono Pharmacare IPO Listing Date:

Mark your calendars for the potential listing of shares on September 7, 2023, a date that holds significance for both the company and its potential investors.

About Mono Pharmacare:

Founded in 1994, Mono Pharmacare Limited specializes in distributing and marketing pharmaceutical products. The company offers an array of healthcare products, encompassing antibiotics, cough and cold medicines, antifungal treatments, nutraceuticals, pain relievers, antacids, cardiac-diabetic medications, and cosmocare items.

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