Motorola partners with Reliance Jio to provide 5G smartphones

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Motorola has entered into an agreement with Reliance Jio to ensure that its 5G smartphones in India are compatible with Jio’s standalone 5G technology.

The partnership will provide Jio’s True 5G support in all of Motorola’s 5G smartphones, which includes support for 11-13 5G bands – the highest in the industry.

Motorola’s entire 5G portfolio, including affordable options like the moto g62 5G, is equipped with advanced hardware and software capabilities to provide the most reliable, fast, secure, and comprehensive 5G coverage through the latest technologies.

Standalone 5G is a model of 5G deployment in which network services are provided through an end-to-end core 5G network, rather than relying on an existing 4G infrastructure. Non-standalone 5G involves delivering a 5G radio signal over an existing 4G infrastructure.

Motorola was the first OEM in the world to launch a 5G-capable smartphone and has used its extensive knowledge of 5G technology to offer advanced 5G features to Indian consumers across various price points.

According to the statement, Motorola’s 5G smartphone portfolio in India covers a wide range of segments, including mass, mid, and premium.

Motorola 5G smartphone users will have access to Jio True 5G experience through its standalone 5G architecture, which includes an advanced 5G network with no reliance on 4G, the largest and best mix of 5G spectrum across three bands, and carrier aggregation that combines these frequencies into a single, powerful data highway.

Prashanth Mani, Executive Director of Motorola Asia Pacific, stated that Motorola’s smartphones provide a reliable, optimized, and fast 5G experience across various price points, fulfilling the company’s commitment to offering a comprehensive and uncompromising 5G smartphone portfolio to Indian consumers with support for up to 13 5G bands across price points.

Sunil Dutt, President of Reliance Jio, expressed excitement about partnering with Motorola to further enhance the True 5G device ecosystem in India. He stated that the full potential of a 5G smartphone can only be achieved on a True 5G network like Jio’s standalone network, which is the most advanced of its kind.

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