Olectra Greentech & Reliance Partner to Develop Hydrogen Bus

Olectra Greentech & Reliance Partner to Develop Hydrogen Bus

Key Points of the Partnership:

  • Olectra and Reliance have collaborated to develop a Hydrogen bus.
  • The bus offers a carbon-free alternative to conventional public transport.
  • With a single hydrogen fill, the bus can cover a distance of up to 400 km.
  • The bus produces only water as a tailpipe emission.

Details of the Partnership:

Olectra Greentech, a subsidiary of Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL), has made a significant announcement that will change the future of public transportation in India. Olectra is proud to unveil its next-generation transport system, the Hydrogen Bus, in technical partnership with Reliance.

As traditional public transportation continues to deplete natural resources and negatively impact the environment with air pollution and emissions, Olectra has taken the initiative to accelerate the development of Hydrogen-powered buses. The Hydrogen Bus is a fully carbon-free alternative that will help the Indian Government achieve its carbon-free hydrogen ambitions, and contribute to the nation’s environmentally sustainable energy security.

The 12-metre low-floor bus has a customisable seating capacity of between 32 to 49 seats for passengers, plus one driver seat.

A single hydrogen fill allows the bus to travel up to 400 km, and it only takes about 15 minutes to fill the hydrogen for this range coverage.

The unique selling proposition of these buses is that they generate only water as tailpipe emissions, making them a perfect solution to phase out old diesel and petrol systems and replace them with green buses.

The system includes type-4 hydrogen cylinders established on the top of the bus, which can withstand temperatures between -20 and +85 degrees Celsius. Olectra aims to commercially launch these buses within a year, and it’s a major step towards a more sustainable future for public transportation in India.

In conclusion, Olectra Greentech Limited has set a benchmark for the next-generation of transport systems in India, with their Hydrogen Bus project. With its customisable seating capacity, longer travel range, and zero emissions, these buses are a perfect alternative to traditional public transportation systems. The unique selling proposition of generating only water as tailpipe emissions makes them a perfect solution to tackle air pollution and emissions in India. Olectra’s aim to contribute to the nation’s environmentally sustainable energy security is commendable, and their Hydrogen Bus project will make a significant impact in achieving India’s carbon-free hydrogen ambitions.

About Olectra Greentech:

Olectra Greentech Limited was incorporated in 1992. The Company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of composite polymer insulators and electrical buses. Its registered office is in Hyderabad.

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