PVR Unveils 11-Screen Multiplex in Lucknow, Elevating Movie Experience

PVR Unveils 11-Screen Multiplex in Lucknow, Elevating Movie Experience

PVR Limited Launches 11-Screen Superplex at Lulu Mall, Lucknow, India

PVR India’s largest and most premium cinema exhibition company, has announced the opening of Lucknow’s biggest cinema at Lulu Mall, after merging with INOX Leisure Limited. The 11-screen Superplex, located in the upmarket Amar Shaheed Path neighborhood of Lucknow, consolidates the merged entity’s presence in North India, with 438 screens in 100 properties.

Designed in a contemporary style, the Superplex offers luxury, glamour, and exuberance. It includes a seating capacity of 1841 audiences and is equipped with advanced technology, including SP4K Laser projectors, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and REAL D 3D digital stereoscopic projection. The cinema features the multi-sensory 4DX format, premium large screen format P[XL], two auditoriums of PVR’s luxury format, LUXE, along with seven auditoriums with last row recliners.

Mr. Ajay Bijli, Managing Director, PVR Limited, said, “As a leading multiplex player offering multiple choices of the best cinema formats in the country, we are confident that this new cinema will become not only the must-visit out-of-home entertainment destination for the people of Lucknow but also for the neighboring cities and international travelers.”

Uttar Pradesh, the heart of India, is emerging as a driver of the nation’s economy with its network of expressways, industrial corridors, international airports, centers of educational and medical excellence. Uttar Pradesh has played an essential role in the history of Indian cinema, and the state has given several renowned film producers, directors, artists, lyricists, musicians, and story/scriptwriters to the film industry.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Executive Director, PVR Limited, said, “Leveraging on the immense potential of the state aided by proactive governance, it offers one of the most promising destinations for the expansion of multiplexes. We are excited to expand our presence in the state with a world-class cinema.”

With the opening of the Superplex, the merged entity has strengthened its growth momentum and has opened 138 screens across 25 properties in 21 cities in this fiscal year. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience world-class cinematic entertainment at the biggest property in Lucknow, India.

About PVR:

PVR Limited completed the merger of INOX Leisure Limited, effective February 06, 2023. The merged entity is the largest film exhibition company in India with 1653 screens across 355 properties in 113 cities (India and Sri Lanka). Since their inception, both PVR and INOX have created iconic cinema brands with storied histories of achieving significant milestones and setting benchmarks in the film exhibition industry. With a collective heritage of transforming out-of-home entertainment in the country, the merged company offers a wide range of cinema services such as child friendly audis, the latest screening technology, superior sound systems, wide range of F&B offerings, film and non-film content and an array of formats in the premium screen category.

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