Rishabh Instruments IPO allotment: Check allotment status tomorrow

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Rishabh Instruments IPO Allotment Date:

The much-anticipated Rishabh Instruments IPO allotment is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6. Investors who have applied for this exciting opportunity can easily verify their Rishabh Instruments IPO allotment status on the official registrar’s portal, Kfin Technologies Ltd.

Basis of Allotment:

By accessing the basis of allotment, investors can promptly ascertain the number of shares allocated to them. In cases where shares were not allotted, the refund process is set to commence on Thursday, September 7. Meanwhile, fortunate allottees will see their shares safely deposited in their demat accounts by Friday, September 8.

Rishabh Instruments IPO Listing Date:

Mark your calendars for the eagerly awaited Rishabh IPO listing date, which has been officially locked in for Monday, September 11, on both NSE and BSE. For those who have applied for shares, here’s a user-friendly guide on how to check the allotment status of the Rishabh Instruments IPO.

Checking Rishabh Instruments IPO Allotment Status:

If you are among the eager investors who applied for the Rishabh Instruments IPO, follow these simple steps to swiftly check your allotment status on the IPO registrar’s website, Kfin Technologies Ltd.

Step 1: Access the Rishabh Instruments IPO allotment link by clicking here: Rishabh Instruments IPO Allotment Status

Step 2: Upon clicking the link above, you will be presented with five options to check your status.

Step 3: Select “Rishabh Instruments” from the dropdown menu in the “Select IPO” section.

Step 4: Choose one of the following options to check your status: Application No, Demat Account, or PAN.

  • If you opt for the application number, enter it along with the captcha code, then click “Submit.”
  • For those using their Demat Account, enter your account information along with the captcha code, then click “Submit.”
  • The third option is PAN; simply enter your PAN number along with the captcha code, and then click “Submit.”

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How to Check Rishabh Instruments IPO Allotment Status on NSE:

Step 1: Visit the official NSE website by clicking here: NSE IPO Allotment Status

Step 2: To gain access to IPO allotment status on NSE, you’ll need to register with your PAN by selecting the ‘Click here to sign up’ option.

Step 3: Enter your username, password, and captcha code.

Step 4: Check your IPO allotment status on the new page that opens up.

How to Check Rishabh Instruments IPO Allotment Status on BSE:

Step 1: Visit the official BSE allotment page by clicking here: BSE IPO Allotment Status

Step 2: Under ‘Issue Type,’ select ‘Equity.’

Step 3: Choose the Rishabh IPO from the dropdown menu under ‘Issue Name.’

Step 4: Enter your PAN or application number.

Step 5: Confirm your identity by clicking ‘I am not a Robot’ and then proceed to click the ‘Submit’ button.

Rishabh Instruments IPO GMP Update:

The grey market premium (GMP) for Rishabh IPO stood at +66 as of Monday, mirroring the previous trading session. This indicates that Rishabh Instruments’ share price is currently trading at a premium of ₹66 in the grey market, as reported by topsharebrokers.com.

Estimated Listing Price:

Considering the upper end of the IPO price band and the prevailing grey market premium, the projected listing price for Rishabh Instruments’ shares is estimated at ₹507 apiece. This represents a notable 14.97% increase over the IPO price of ₹441.

Over the past 11 sessions, grey market activities have shown an upward trend in IPO GMP, indicating strong expectations for a successful listing. The GMP has ranged from a low of ₹0 to a high of ₹83, as per topsharebrokers.com.

About Rishabh Instruments:

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