Serentica partners with Greenko for 1500 MW daily green energy sourcing

Serentica partners with Greenko for 1500 MW daily green energy sourcing

Serentica Partners with Greenko to Source 1500 MW of Daily Green Energy

New Delhi: Serentica Renewables (Serentica) announced a groundbreaking partnership with Greenko Group to procure 1,500 megawatts (MW) of green energy from energy storage facilities on a daily basis.

Under the agreement, Serentica will leverage Greenko’s exceptional energy storage capabilities, tapping into a combined capacity of 1,500 MWh from forthcoming energy storage projects located in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, as stated in a press release.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Serentica as it strives to provide uninterrupted, reliable, and dispatchable renewable energy to its industrial clients. The company ensures an annual assurance of over 95% and a 15-minute time-block assurance exceeding 85%.

Pratik Agarwal, Director of Serentica Renewables, emphasized the importance of long-duration energy storage in achieving the country’s decarbonization goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Agarwal stated, “By delivering round-the-clock renewable energy to our industrial customers, this exceptional energy storage capacity agreement with Greenko accelerates our mission to transition energy-intensive industries towards clean energy, contributing to the fight against climate change.”

As the world embraces a cleaner energy future, the role of energy storage solutions becomes increasingly vital in ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply. Serentica believes that these advanced storage solutions will enable industries to shift away from captive thermal plants and other fossil fuel-based sources, relying solely on renewable energy to meet their electricity needs entirely.

About Serentica:

Serentica is dedicated to industrial decarbonization and strives to offer reliable renewable energy by leveraging solar, wind, energy storage, and balancing solutions. In the near future, its objective is to provide more than 40 billion units of clean energy per year, thereby reducing 37 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

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