Tata Motors onboarded 500,000 vehicles on data platform Tether

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Tata Elxsi announced on Wednesday that Tata Motors has successfully onboarded 500,000 vehicles onto the Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP) that serves the entire range of Tata Motors’ commercial, passenger, and electric vehicles.

Tata Elxsi announced on Wednesday that Tata Motors has successfully onboarded 500,000 vehicles onto the Tether connected vehicle platform (CVP). In early 2019, Tata Motors and Tata Elxsi joined forces to adapt and adopt the CVP for use across Tata Motors’ entire range of commercial, passenger, and electric vehicles. The CVP will provide scalability, high performance, and the ability to add Industry 4.0 capabilities, allowing Tata Motors to transform its internal operations, according to a statement from Tata Elxsi.

According to the company, Tether, Tata Elxsi’s connected vehicle platform (CVP), will assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in using data and insights to improve the customer experience, reduce costs, and generate revenue. Tether is a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) data platform that enables automotive companies to provide a variety of customer-focused and digitally-enhanced features.

According to the company statement, the CVP aims to enhance the comfort, convenience, and safety of users through customer-focused features. Automotive customers refer to companies that manufacture passenger cars or light trucks. Tata Motors has implemented the Tether CVP under the brands Fleet Edge for commercial vehicles, iRA for passenger vehicles, and Zconnect for electric vehicles, which offer features such as tracking and tracing, geo-fencing and alerts, driver behavior monitoring, and fuel efficiency monitoring, Tata Elxsi said.

The CVP also allows secure and selective access to the platform and relevant data to its wider partner ecosystem, including dealers and suppliers, in order to enhance the customer experience. Tether CVP was designed as a modular platform that can be easily scaled up to offer a variety of solutions using third-party applications through application programming interfaces (APIs).

In addition to its other capabilities, the CVP is also 5G-ready and will be able to serve OEMs in this capacity. Rajendra Petkar, President and Chief Technology Officer of Tata Motors, stated, “In line with Tata Motors’ goal of offering differentiated products based on our CESS philosophy (connected, electrified, safe and shared), we are pleased to have partnered with Tata Elxsi.”

Tata Elxsi has a wealth of expertise in automotive electronics and a thorough understanding of cloud-based applications, data governance, and the latest user experience capabilities. Manoj Raghavan, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tata Elxsi, commented, “We congratulate Tata Motors and are proud to be a strategic partner in helping them achieve their vision for the future of connected, electric, safe, and shared mobility.”

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