TVS Motor partners with ION Mobility for Indonesian sports scooters

TVS Motor partners with ION Mobility for Indonesian sports scooters

TVS Motor partners with ION Mobility

TVS Motor Company has unveiled an exciting collaboration with Singapore’s pioneering tech startup, ION Mobility, as they gear up to make a dynamic entrance into the Indonesian sports scooter market.

Their venture takes the form of Project Dynamo, a revolutionary adaptation of TVS Motor’s premium flagship electric two-wheeler, the TVS X.

The roots of this partnership were sown back in February 2023 when TVS Motor took the helm in ION Mobility’s Series A funding round, injecting an impressive USD 18.7 million as a strategic investor.

ION Mobility, renowned for its successful M1-S electric motorcycle, is now setting its sights on the sports scooter segment, with Project Dynamo poised for a grand unveiling at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show.

The Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS), a five-day extravaganza, kickstarts today in the vibrant city of Jakarta.

Project Dynamo is a pioneering endeavor, as it seeks to cater to the discerning needs of Indonesian riders who value performance and speed, all while championing the eco-friendly advantages of electric mobility.

“We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with ION Mobility, paving the way for premium electric two-wheeler growth in Indonesia through the debut of Project Dynamo at IMOS,” revealed Sharad Mohan Mishra, President Group Strategy at TVS Motor Company.

ION Mobility’s primary focus revolves around the development of electric motorcycles and associated technologies and services, a vital step toward transitioning motorcycle enthusiasts in Indonesia and Southeast Asia from petrol to electric, as per the official statement.

On the other hand, TVS Motor is instrumental in expediting the adoption of electric mobility and the overall growth of the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Both companies are gearing up to leverage their expertise in design, engineering, and production within the Indonesian market, promising innovative electric vehicles that precisely cater to the Indonesian audience and beyond, according to the official release.

“We are committed to elevating the ION brand to become the premier lifestyle choice for electric motorcycles in Indonesia. We firmly believe that our collaborative efforts will delight Indonesian motorcyclists in the coming months and years,” remarked ION Mobility’s founder and CEO, James Chan.

Within the scope of Project Dynamo, ION Mobility will meticulously craft its electric motorcycle products with the Indonesian motorcyclist in mind, infusing them with distinctive features and characteristics that are set to define the brand, the release emphasized.

About TVS Motor:

TVS Motor Company, an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer, has its headquarters in Chennai. It ranks as the third-largest motorcycle company in India based on revenue. With annual sales reaching three million units and a remarkable annual production capacity exceeding four million vehicles, the company has established a significant presence in the industry.

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