Vikas Lifecare agro division wins Rs. 155 Million order

Vikas Lifecare agro division wins Rs. 155 Million order

Vikas Lifecare Limited’s Agro Division recently announced significant updates, showcasing its continuous growth and expansion. The division has secured an Rs. 155 million order, set to be fulfilled within the second quarter of the 2023-24 fiscal year. This achievement follows the division’s impressive sales of INR 480 million before acquiring the new order.

Vikas Lifecare Limited aims to surpass these figures by targeting a substantial sales goal of INR 3,600 million for the Agro Products Division in the current fiscal year. Notably, this objective reflects a significant increase compared to the INR 2,000 million accomplished in the previous fiscal year.

To further strengthen its position in the industry, Vikas Lifecare Limited plans to expand its Agro Products business beyond domestic borders. The company is actively exploring export opportunities, demonstrating its ambitions to enter international markets.

In addition, Vikas Lifecare Limited is considering potential options for backward integration of its Agro Products Division. Evaluating proposals for the establishment or acquisition of a Rice processing facility by 2024-25, the company aims to enhance its business scope and performance both domestically and internationally. These strategic moves are expected to drive higher sales volumes and improved profit margins for Vikas Lifecare Limited in the near future.

With these recent developments, Vikas Lifecare Limited is positioned to thrive and assert its presence in the Agro Products industry, showcasing its commitment to growth and innovation.

About Vikas Lifecare:

A corporation with ISO 9001:2015 certification, Vikas Lifecare Ltd. (VLL) trades and manufactures polymer, rubber compounds, and additives for plastics, synthetic rubber, and natural rubber. The company has been largely engaged in the various business segments i.e.

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