Zen Technologies wins Rs 100 Cr MoD Order for tank training system

Zen Technologies wins Rs 100 Cr MoD Order for tank training system

In a remarkable development, Zen Technologies Limited has secured a significant Rs 100 crore contract, inclusive of GST, from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for their cutting-edge force-on-force tank training system. This innovative system allows tank units to conduct realistic training exercises in actual terrains without the use of live ammunition. The official announcement was made through a company filing on Thursday, creating a buzz in the defense technology sector.

Zen Technologies’ in-house designed and developed force-on-force tank training system has garnered approval from the army following rigorous trials, underscoring its potential not only in the domestic market but also on the international stage. This milestone has fueled optimism within Zen Technologies, paving the way for the potential adoption of their Zen Armoured Combat Training System (ACTS) by the army for comprehensive combined arms training.

This strategic order is a testament to the Indian army’s commitment to modernize their training methodologies in accordance with the simulator framework outlined by the Ministry of Defence in September 2021. By embracing simulated training, the army stands to benefit from cost-efficiency and improved overall effectiveness.

Zen Technologies has been making significant strides in the defense technology landscape. In September, the company received substantial orders for anti-drone systems from the Ministry of Defence, valued at Rs 227.65 crore. Furthermore, they secured an additional Rs 202 crore order from the MoD, further solidifying their position as a key player in the industry.

In financial terms, Zen Technologies has reported a remarkable 474% surge in net profits to Rs 47.13 crore at the close of the first quarter of the current fiscal year. This stands in stark contrast to the Rs 8.21 crore reported during the corresponding quarter in the previous year, reflecting their impressive growth trajectory.

About Zen Technologies:

Zen Technologies is a firm dedicated to the design, development, and production of training simulators tailored for defense and security forces. Established in 1993, the company’s primary mission was to create simulators for weapons and various defense equipment.

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