Aarti Industries Q4FY23 Results: Consolidated PAT Rises to Rs 149 Cr

Aarti Industries Q1FY24 Results: Consolidated PAT Down to Rs. 70 Cr

Aarti Industries Limited. Q4 results show revenue fell from 1,668 Crores to 1,656 Crores, a 0.72% decrease in growth. EPS also dropped from ₹3.77 to ₹4.10, up by 8.75%.

Let’s start with quarter and quarter bases first:

Aarti Industries Company shared its Q4 results on Monday. They earned 1,656 crores in revenue this quarter, but that’s less than the 1,668 crores they made last quarter. Unfortunately, the company’s growth decreased by 0.72 percent when comparing the two quarters.

In terms of profits, Aarti Industries Company’s PAT (Profit After Tax) for this quarter was 149 crores, higher than 137 crores in the previous quarter. Their quarter-to-quarter growth declined by 10 percent.

The company’s EPS (Earnings Per Share) this quarter is ₹4.10, which is a decrease of 8.75% from the ₹3.77 EPS in the previous quarter.

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Now let’s discuss the results on a year-on-year basis:

The company made a total revenue of 6,619 crores this year (2023), which is 8.76 percent higher than last year’s total revenue of 6,086 crores.

This year’s PAT (Profit After Tax) is 545 crores, which is 54.05% lower than last year’s PAT of 1,186 crores.

The EPS (Earnings Per Share) for this year is ₹15.04, which is 54.02% less than the EPS of ₹32.71 earned last year.

Aarti Industries Share Dividend Announcement / Record Date:

The Board of Directors has declared a Final Dividend of ₹1.50 per Equity Share of Face Value of ₹5 each of the Company (30% of Face Value). Total Dividend for FY23 stood at ₹1.50 per Equity Share (Interim Dividend of ₹10 per Equity Share)

DividendRecord Date
₹1.50 per Equity ShareComing Soon

Dividend’s record date has not yet come

About Aarti Industries:

With a global presence, Aarti Industries is a prominent Indian producer of specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In FY22, the company’s revenue exceeded INR 7900 Cr, and it operates 20 manufacturing facilities with a workforce of over 7100 employees.

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