Aatmaj Healthcare IPO: GMP, Subscription, Key Details – All here

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Aatmaj Healthcare IPO:

Jupiter Hospitals’ Multi-Specialty Healthcare Chain Opens for Public Subscription Today

The much-anticipated initial public offering (IPO) of Aatmaj Healthcare, the operating company behind the renowned Jupiter Hospitals, has officially opened for subscription today, on June 19.

Aatmaj Healthcare boasts a commendable bed capacity of 130 beds, expandable up to an impressive 175 beds, offering exceptional inpatient and outpatient healthcare services across its hospitals located in Vadodara, Gujarat.

This SME IPO is a fixed price issue and will conclude on June 21. Here are some important highlights to know about the Aatmaj Healthcare IPO:

Aatmaj Healthcare IPO Dates: Mark Your Calendar for June 19 to June 21

The Aatmaj Healthcare IPO will be available for subscription starting from June 19 and will close on June 21. Investors have a limited window to participate in this significant opportunity.

Price Band: Aatmaj Healthcare Offers Fixed Price Shares at ₹60 Each

For interested investors, Aatmaj Healthcare is offering its shares at a fixed price of ₹60 per share as part of the public issue. This price band allows investors to consider their investment choices with clarity.

Total Issue Size: Aatmaj Healthcare IPO Seeks ₹38.40 Crore

The Aatmaj Healthcare IPO aims to raise a total issue size of ₹38.40 crore. This considerable amount reflects the company’s vision and ambitious plans for growth and expansion in the healthcare sector.

Issue Details: Fresh Issue of Shares and Allocation Breakdown

The IPO comprises a fresh issue of 64 lakh shares, each with a face value of ₹5, offered at a price of ₹60 per share. The total issue amount aggregates to ₹38.40 crore. Notably, retail investors are allocated 30.39 lakh shares, while market makers are offered 3.21 lakh shares.

Lot Size: Aatmaj Healthcare IPO Sets Lot Size at 2,000 Shares

Investors should note that the lot size for the Aatmaj Healthcare IPO is 2,000 shares. Therefore, the minimum investment required for retail investors stands at ₹120,000, ensuring accessibility for a broad range of investors.

Allotment: Basis of Share Allotment and Refund Schedule

On June 26, the company is expected to finalize the basis of share allotment, followed by refund initiation on June 27. Eligible investors can anticipate the credited shares to be available in their demat accounts by June 29.

Aatmaj Healthcare IPO Listing: NSE Emerge Platform Welcomes the Company

The eagerly awaited listing of Aatmaj Healthcare shares is scheduled to take place on June 30, on the esteemed NSE Emerge platform. This listing opens doors to potential growth opportunities for both the company and investors.


Dr. Tushar Suvagiya, Dr. Subhash Padmani, and Dr. Ravi Apte are the driving forces behind Aatmaj Healthcare, collectively holding an impressive 88.89% stake in the company.

Issue Objective: Aatmaj Healthcare Outlines Plans for IPO Proceeds

The net proceeds from the Aatmaj Healthcare IPO will be utilized for various objectives, including the full or partial repayment of existing secured debt, funding working capital requirements, acquiring medical equipment for existing and new hospitals, strategic initiatives and acquisitions, and general corporate expenses.

IPO Registrar and Lead Manager: Key Players Assisting the Aatmaj Healthcare IPO

Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd serves as the IPO registrar for Aatmaj Healthcare, ensuring smooth and efficient handling of the IPO process. Additionally, Nirbhay Capital Services Pvt. Ltd acts as the lead manager, overseeing the management and execution of the public issue.

Aatmaj Healthcare IPO GMP: Grey Market Premium and Expected Listing Price

According to IPO Watch, the grey market premium (GMP) for Aatmaj Healthcare shares is currently ₹10 per share. This indicates that the shares are trading at a premium of ₹10 in the grey market. Based on the present GMP and the IPO price, it is anticipated that Aatmaj Healthcare shares will be listed at ₹70 apiece.

Aatmaj Healthcare IPO Subscription Status: First-Day Insights

As of 12:50 pm, the Aatmaj Healthcare IPO has garnered a subscription of 0.07 times on the initial day of the issue, as reported on chittorgarh.com. Notably, the retail category has witnessed a subscription of 0.22 times, while the Non-Institutional Investors (NII) category has reached 0.02 times.

About Aatmaj Healthcare:

Aatmaj Healthcare, also known as Jupiter Hospitals, is a healthcare organization that was established in 2014. Their mission is to provide high-quality medical care at affordable rates.With hospitals located in Vadodara, Gujarat, Aatmaj Healthcare offers a wide range of services for both inpatients and outpatients. Their hospitals have a capacity of 130 beds, which can be extended to 175 beds if needed. As of December 31, 2022, they have treated over 17,000 patients, including more than 4,000 surgical cases and over 13,000 outpatient visits, including patients with Covid-19.

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