Adani Group to release 5G services, consumer apps in current year

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Adani Group, a recent addition to the telecommunications industry, is planning to introduce 5G services for businesses in 2023. The company also announced that it will release consumer applications this year as part of its digital strategy.

In his New Year address to employees, Gautam Adani stated that the company will invest in expanding its network of data centers, developing AI-ML and industrial cloud capabilities, rolling out 5G services, and launching B2C apps. “All of these are major, independent but interconnected digital opportunities, supported by our energy business,” he said.

The Gujarat-based energy and consumer goods conglomerate, Adani, surprised industry players when it participated in the 5G auctions in 2022. Although Adani did not acquire spectrum in all 5G bands and therefore cannot offer consumer telephone services, the company spent ₹ 212 crore to purchase 400 MHz spectrum in the mm-wave band. Adani is aiming to provide private network services to businesses, including its own.

However, telecom operator Bharti Airtel was the first to secure a private 5G network deal with the Mahindra Group last year, beating Adani to the punch. Reliance Jio has also indicated that private 5G will be a key monetization opportunity for the operator in the future.

Other companies, like IT giant TCS, may also enter the private network market. They are waiting for spectrum assignment rules from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), who are currently considering the spectrum bands that will be made available to enterprises for private network use through administrative allocation.

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