Aeroflex Industries IPO: GMP, Subscription status before allotment

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Aeroflex Industries IPO: GMP and Subscription Status

The recent closure of the bidding process marked a significant milestone for Aeroflex Industries Limited’s initial public offering (IPO), leaving investors in anticipation of the forthcoming allotment date scheduled for August 29, 2023. The subscription status of the Aeroflex Industries IPO has shown promising figures, with the book build issue garnering a remarkable oversubscription of 97.11 times. Particularly noteworthy is the retail segment’s enthusiastic response, as it achieved a subscription rate of 34.41 times. This fervor has also triggered a positive trend in the grey market for the public offering, where Aeroflex Industries Ltd’s shares are currently trading at a premium of ₹72 per share.

Aeroflex Industries IPO GMP Today:

Market observers have reported a surge in the Aeroflex Industries IPO’s grey market premium (GMP) today, valuing it at ₹72. This increase of ₹12 from yesterday’s GMP of ₹60 is especially remarkable given the relatively subdued sentiment on Dalal Street. The resilience of the GMP in the face of such conditions has been deemed commendable by experts. This surge is attributed to the overwhelming response demonstrated by investors during the three-day bidding window. As the sentiment in the Indian stock market leans positively, there’s potential for further upticks in the unlisted market in connection with the book build issue, according to market watchers.

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Aeroflex Industries IPO Subscription Status:

The subscription figures for the book build issue stand at an impressive 97.11 times oversubscription following the conclusion of the three-day bidding period. Out of the offered 2,32,17,667 equity shares within the price band of ₹102-108, bids were placed for 2,25,37,18,090 shares, as reported by the stock exchanges. The subscription enthusiasm was particularly strong among Qualified Institutional Buyers, with a subscription rate of 194.73 times. Non-Institutional Investors also displayed keen interest with a subscription rate of 126.13 times. The Retail Portion was subscribed 34.41 times, while the Reservation Shareholders Portion witnessed a subscription rate of 28.52 times.

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Aeroflex Industries IPO Details:

Investors can anticipate the Aeroflex Industries IPO allotment date on August 29, 2023. The IPO, designed as a book build issue, is slated for listing on both the BSE and NSE, with the potential listing date estimated to be August 31, 2023.

About Aeroflex Industries:

Established in 1993, formerly known as Suyog Intermediates Private Limited, Aeroflex Industries Limited specializes in producing and distributing environmentally friendly flexible metallic flow solution products.

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