Aeroflex Industries IPO: Price band set – GMP and more details

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Aeroflex Industries IPO Price Band Set, GMP & Details

Aeroflex Industries Limited is gearing up for its forthcoming initial public offering (IPO), scheduled to commence on August 22, 2023, which falls on the upcoming Tuesday. Formerly recognized as Suyog Intermediates Private Limited, the company has ascertained the price range for its book build issue at ₹102 to ₹108 per equity share. The IPO window is set to be active for subscription from August 22, 2023, to August 24, 2023. The primary objective of this public offering is to generate ₹351 crore in capital, with the proceeds intended for purposes encompassing debt settlement, facilitation of working capital requisites, and meeting general corporate objectives.

Furthermore, shares of Aeroflex Industries Limited are at present available for trading within the unlisted stock market. Observers of the market reveal that shares of Aeroflex Industries are currently commanding a premium of ₹35 within the grey market.

Key Points regarding the Aeroflex Industries IPO:

Aeroflex Industries IPO GMP:

Market experts indicate that the grey market premium (GMP) for the Aeroflex Industries IPO stands at ₹35.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Price Band:

The stipulated price band for the IPO has been established at ₹102 to ₹108 per equity share.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Commencement Date:

The public offering is poised to commence on August 22, with the subscription window remaining operational until August 24, 2023.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Lot Size:

Prospective investors have the option to apply in lots, with a single lot encompassing 130 company shares.

5. Aeroflex Industries IPO Investment Threshold:

For retail investors eyeing participation, a minimum investment of ₹14,040 (130 shares at ₹108 each) is requisite to partake in the IPO, given that one lot comprises 130 shares.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Offering Magnitude:

Aeroflex Industries aims to garner ₹351 crore through its IPO.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment Date:

It is projected that the allotment of shares will likely transpire on August 29, 2023, post the closure of the issue.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Registrar:

The official registrar for the IPO is Link Intime India Private Ltd.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Listing Venue:

The company’s book build issue is earmarked for listing on both the BSE and NSE stock exchanges.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Listing Date:

The anticipated listing date for the main board issue is September 1, 2023.

About Aeroflex Industries:

Aeroflex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of microelectronic, test, and measurement products. The company specializes in a wide range of offerings, including avionics, mobile devices, radios, wireless networks, radiation, virtualized testing, power and avionic microelectronics, microwave technology, signal generation, and motion control products. With a diverse product portfolio, Aeroflex serves various industries, including space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical, and more.

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