Air India Express to Add 50 Boeing 737 MAX planes in 15 months

Air India Express to Add 50 Boeing 737 MAX planes in 15 months

In a strategic move to strengthen its position in the aviation sector, Air India Express is gearing up to incorporate an impressive fleet of 50 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft over the next 15 months. This development comes as part of the ongoing merger of AIX Connect into Air India Express, bolstering the Tata Group’s presence in the industry.

The amalgamation of Air India Express, the nation’s pioneer in international budget travel, and AIX Connect (formerly known as AirAsia India) will mark a significant milestone, with the unveiling of their new brand slated for October 18.

Managing Director of both Air India Express and AIX Connect, Aloke Singh, conveyed in a recent communication to the team that crucial integration milestones have been successfully met. This includes the seamless transition to a unified reservations and check-in system.

Presently, the combined entity boasts a fleet of 56 aircraft, encompassing 26 B737, 2 B737 MAX, 5 A320 neo, and 23 A320 aircraft. Singh articulated, “Over the next 15 months, a total of 50 new B737 MAX aircraft will join the LCC fleet, allowing us to expand our network to fresh destinations and augment our services on existing routes.”

He emphasized the current focus on ensuring the readiness for deploying this added capacity. Over 800 aircrew and operational personnel who have recently joined the entity are undergoing various stages of rigorous training.

Together, this amalgamated force operates approximately 2,700 flights on a weekly basis. Of these, Air India Express manages around 700, while the remaining are operated by AIX Connect. Their routes span 44 destinations, encompassing 14 international ones.

This consolidated entity will position itself as the Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) under the Tata Group’s umbrella, which took control of both Air India and Air India Express in January of the preceding year.

Singh highlighted, “Regarding integration, pivotal milestones have been achieved. These encompass the transition to a unified reservations and check-in system, a unified website and agent portal, harmonized product and service offerings, and most importantly, the adoption of a unified brand and domain.”

Simultaneously, the Tata Group is in the process of streamlining its aviation ventures. In addition to the Air India Express-AIX Connect integration, Air India is in the process of merging with Vistara. Vistara, a joint venture between Tatas and Singapore Airlines, sees the former holding a 51 per cent stake.

India stands out as one of the globe’s swiftest-growing aviation markets, with air traffic on a steep upward trajectory.

About Air India:

Air India Express is an Indian low-cost airline headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. It is operated by Air India Charters Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian flag carrier airline Air India. It operates around 649 flights per week to 33 destinations including the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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