Amara Raja Batteries rebrands to Amara Raja Energy & Mobility

Amara Raja Batteries rebrands to Amara Raja Energy & Mobility

In a pivotal move, Amara Batteries Ltd, renowned for its prowess in the industrial and automotive battery manufacturing realm, has rebranded itself as Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd (ARE&M). The curtain rose on this transformative development as per an official announcement made by the company, solidifying the profound shift towards a more encompassing presence in the realms of energy and mobility.

This strategic evolution, meticulously crafted over the past two years, positions ARE&M as a versatile force offering a diverse array of solutions and products. The expanded repertoire spans automotive and industrial batteries, cutting-edge battery energy storage solutions, lithium-ion cell manufacturing, a comprehensive suite of electric vehicle chargers, lithium-ion battery pack assembly, innovative renewable energy storage solutions, battery management systems, and high-performance lubricants.

Harshavardhana Gourineni, the Executive Director of Automotive and Industrial, provided insights into the company’s forward-looking vision: “Our journey to establish a robust battery business has not only equipped us with a robust distribution network but has also nurtured brand credibility and unwavering customer trust. Armed with these strategic assets, we are poised to venture into new horizons, encompassing diversified product categories such as lubricants. Our aim is to forge a formidable presence in ancillary product segments, thus expanding beyond our battery-centric roots.”

At the heart of this transformative strategy are two foundational pillars, as articulated in the official company statement:

  • Optimizing the Value of the Existing Lead-Acid Battery Business Channel with Complementary Products
  • Catalyzing the Expansion of the Emerging Energy Business

Vikramadithya Gourineni, the Executive Director of New Energy Business, underscored the significance of this transformation: “Our transition to Amara Raja Energy & Mobility goes beyond a mere name change; it signifies our departure from a singular focus on batteries, heralding our resolute commitment to becoming a pioneering force in integrated solutions within these dynamic sectors. Our dedication is manifest in our relentless pursuit of leadership in the burgeoning Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) sector, where our products have already demonstrated their remarkable efficacy.”

Adding another layer to this transformation, Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies Pvt Ltd (ARACT), a subsidiary under the ARE&M umbrella, emerged in November 2022 to spearhead the lithium-ion initiatives. As part of this ambitious endeavor, the company is set to establish a colossal 16 GWh gigafactory dedicated to manufacturing cells and battery packs. Complementing this endeavor, an advanced research and development facility, aptly named E Positive Energy Labs, will also be erected to propel innovation in the energy and mobility domains.

About Amara Raja Batteries:

Amara Raja Batteries, a part of the Amara Raja Group, is a leading manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for industrial and automotive applications in the Indian storage battery industry. The company is known for its technological advancements in the field.

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