Ashok Leyland unveils ecomet star 1915 truck: 18.49T GVW Marvel

Ashok Leyland unveils ecomet star 1915 truck: 18.49T GVW Marvel

Ashok Leyland Unveils Ecomet Star 1915 Truck

Ashok Leyland, a renowned member of the Hinduja Group, has recently launched the revolutionary Ecomet Star 1915 truck, setting new standards in the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) category. This exciting addition was officially announced through a filing with the exchanges on Wednesday, creating a buzz in the commercial vehicle industry.

Breaking Down the Ecomet Star 1915 Truck:

The Ecomet Star 1915 is a trailblazing ICV truck, marking a significant milestone with its impressive Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 18.49 tonnes, a first in the industry. What sets it apart is its exceptional fluid efficiency, boasting a torque of 450 Nm, and offering the highest payload capacity in its class at a staggering 12.91 tonnes.

Key Features of Ecomet Star 1915:

Spacious Design:

The Ecomet Star 1915 flaunts a generously wide body, measuring 2.34 meters (approximately 7 feet 7 inches), providing ample room for cargo. It offers flexibility with the option of both day and sleeper cabins to cater to varying driver needs.

Powerful Performance:

Under the hood, this truck is equipped with an H-series engine delivering a formidable 110 kW (150 hp). It comes with versatile fuel tank options, including 350 liters and 185 liters, allowing for extended journeys without frequent refueling.

Ideal for Long-Distance Haulage:

This vehicle is expertly designed for long-distance transport, making it an excellent choice for customers who prioritize higher payload capacity. With its four-cylinder engines, it ensures swift turnaround times, facilitating efficient logistics operations. Additionally, it offers four different loading span configurations to suit various cargo requirements.

Upon unveiling this groundbreaking model, Sanjeev Kumar, the President of Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (MHCV) at Ashok Leyland, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Ashok Leyland continues to spearhead innovation in the ICV segment, aligning with its rapid expansion. We take immense pride in introducing the Ecomet Star 1915 truck, boasting an impressive 18.49-ton GVW, and powered by the proven 110 kW (150 hp) H4 engine, perfectly tailored for long-distance applications.”

In conclusion, the Ashok Leyland Ecomet Star 1915 emerges as a game-changer in the ICV segment, redefining standards with its remarkable GVW, fluid efficiency, and versatile features. This innovation underscores Ashok Leyland’s commitment to delivering unique and customer-centric products, shaping the future of commercial vehicle transportation.

About Ashok Leyland:

Ashok Leyland, headquartered in Chennai, is a renowned Indian multinational automotive manufacturer under the ownership of the Hinduja Group. Originally established in 1948 as Ashok Motors, the company underwent a transformation in 1955 and adopted the name Ashok Leyland.

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