Bandhan Bank will unveil its brand campaign titled “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan Trust”

Bandhan Bank expands branch network 3 times within 8 years

Bandhan Bank (NSE: BANDHANBNK), a rapidly expanding bank in India, unveiled its new marketing campaign today featuring the bank’s brand ambassador, former cricket star Sourav Ganguly. The campaign, called “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan Trust,” highlights the trust that the brand has gained over its seven years as a bank and its two decades of operation in other forms prior to becoming a bank.

The campaign uses Ganguly’s career as an analogy to demonstrate the trust that the brand has gained from customers and stakeholders. Ganguly became a customer of the bank soon after it was established seven years ago. In the campaign’s film, Ganguly reflects on his early days as a cricket player when he was not yet a star and there were only a few spectators at the games. As he worked harder and became a reliable member of the team, he gained the trust of millions and attracted more people to the games. Similarly, Bandhan began as a small NGO and as it grew and gained recognition for its work, it earned the trust of the public and became a successful bank.

Speaking on the association, cricketing legend and brand ambassador, Bandhan Bank, Sourav Ganguly, said, “I have closely watched Bandhan grow into the bank it is today. I have been an admirer of its journey and the opportunity to help amplify the Bank’s message is nothing short of a privilege. Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship and during my captaincy, this value was the most important. We trusted each other in the team and that made us a winning unit. For a bank, trust is an imperative and I am glad that Bandhan Bank has been able to gain the trust of crores of people in such a short span. I have been a Bandhan Bank customer for a few years now and I look forward to my continued association with them.”

The ‘Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan Trust’ campaign was conceived by Leo Burnett Orchard, who was brought in as Bandhan Bank’s creative agency in August 2022. The film and stills were shot by Prodigious. Speaking on the campaign, Pravin Sutar, Head of Creative – Leo Burnett Orchard, said, “There are very few purpose-driven brands across the world and to get to work on them is a privilege. Bandhan Bank’s journey has been exemplary and it needed stand-out storytelling. With Sourav Ganguly, we got the opportunity to create a campaign that seamlessly connects the story of Bandhan Bank and Dada, promising to strike a chord with everyone. We are confident that this piece of work will be memorable and will drive impact for Bandhan Bank.”

The new marketing campaign will be broadcast across various media platforms including television, print, outdoor advertising, cinema, and digital media. As a first, the campaign was launched on digital media on January 3 and will be rolled out on other platforms on January 5.

During the last trading session on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), shares of Bandhan Bank Limited were priced at Rs. 240.15, up from the previous close of Rs. 234.20.

A total of 605,849 shares were traded throughout the day through over 6,336 trades. The stock reached an intraday high of Rs. 242.10 and an intraday low of Rs. 235.50. The total value of the shares traded during the day was Rs. 145,071,769.00.

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