Glenmark Life Sciences announces Rs. 22.50 interim dividend

Glenmark Life Sciences announces Rs. 22.50 interim dividend

Glenmark Life Sciences Announces Interim Dividend

On October 9, Glenmark Life Sciences unveiled its plan to distribute an interim dividend of Rs. 22.50 per share. This news was shared by the company via stock exchange notifications.

According to the statement released by Glenmark Life Sciences, the record date for identifying eligible shareholders who will receive the interim dividend is set for Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Shareholders meeting this criteria can anticipate receiving the dividend on or after October 23, 2023.

This significant dividend declaration follows Glenmark Pharmaceuticals’ recent sale of a 75 percent stake in Glenmark Life Sciences for a substantial sum of Rs. 5,651 crore. This strategic move garnered significant attention and marked a significant development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Investors and stakeholders in Glenmark Life Sciences can expect to benefit from this interim dividend, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering value to its shareholders.

About Glenmark Life Sciences:

Glenmark Life Sciences Limited is a leading provider of pharmaceutical solutions. The company specializes in the research, production, and distribution of unique active pharmaceutical ingredients tailored to chronic therapeutic fields, offering comprehensive end-to-end support. With a global reach, the company caters to clients across the globe.

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