GMR Airports Q4FY23 Results: Consolidated Loss of Rs 441.47 Cr

GMR Airports Q1FY24 Results: Consolidated PAT of Rs. 29.80 Cr

GMR Airports Limited Q4 results show revenue rise from 1927.19 to 2001.86 crores, a 3.87% increase in growth. EPS also dropped from ₹0.32 to ₹-0.73, down by 128.13%.

First, Let’s Begin with Quarter-on-Quarter Basis:

GMR Airports Ltd. shared its Q4 results on Saturday. They earned 2001.86 crores in revenue this quarter, but that’s higher than the 1927.19 crores they made last quarter. The company’s growth increased by 3.87 percent when comparing the two quarters.

In terms of profits, the company’s PAT (Profit After Tax) for this quarter was -441.47 crores, down from 191.36 crores in the previous quarter. Their quarter-to-quarter growth declined by 130.70 percent.

The company’s EPS (Earnings Per Share) this quarter is ₹-0.73, which is a decrease of 128.13% from the ₹0.32 EPS in the previous quarter.

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Now, Let’s Analyze the Results on a Year-over-Year Basis:

The company made a total revenue of 7288.99 crores this year (2023), which is 46.98 percent higher than last year’s total revenue of 4959.16 crores.

This year’s PAT (Profit After Tax) is -179.26 crores, which is also 82.48% higher than last year’s PAT of -1023.29 crores.

The EPS (Earnings Per Share) for this year is ₹-0.30, which is 69.39% more than the EPS of ₹-0.98 earned last year.

GMR Airports Share Dividend Announcement / Record Date:

The record date for the dividend has not arrived yet.

About GMR Airports:

Headquartered in New Delhi, GMR Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate. It was established in 1978 by Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao and encompasses various companies such as GMR Infrastructure, GMR Energy, GMR Airports, and GMR Enterprises.

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