Infosys and NVIDIA join forces for Innovative AI solutions

Infosys and NVIDIA join forces for Innovative AI solutions

Infosys and NVIDIA join forces to usher in a new era of AI-driven solutions. The aim is to empower businesses across the globe with innovative generative AI applications, propelling them towards greater productivity and efficiency. This significant expansion of their alliance was officially unveiled through an exchange filing, marking a pivotal moment in the world of AI.

The Strategic Collaboration

Under this strategic collaboration, NVIDIA AI Enterprise takes center stage, offering a comprehensive ecosystem comprising models, tools, runtimes, and cutting-edge GPU systems. This arsenal of resources is set to be seamlessly integrated into Infosys Topaz, a platform designed to accelerate business value through the utilization of generative AI technologies. At the heart of this endeavor lies NVIDIA’s “full-stack generative AI platform,” encompassing both hardware and enterprise-grade software.

Infosys is all set to harness this formidable AI prowess to drive innovation across its spectrum of business operations. The ultimate goal is to empower clients with the creation of generative AI applications that can optimize various facets of their business, from core operations to sales and marketing strategies.

Infosys Topaz: A Beacon of AI Advancement

Infosys Topaz, introduced earlier this year, emerges as the vanguard of this endeavor. It represents a collection of AI-centric services, solutions, and platforms, all aimed at fast-tracking business growth through the application of generative AI technologies. This dynamic ecosystem will soon be further enriched by the integration of Infosys Video Analytics platform with NVIDIA Metropolis and Infosys Generative AI Labs, seamlessly paired with the formidable NVIDIA NeMo framework.

Setting Up the NVIDIA Centre of Excellence

Infosys is not stopping there. In a testament to its commitment to this transformative collaboration, Infosys is on track to establish an NVIDIA Centre of Excellence. This visionary initiative will serve as a crucible for knowledge and expertise, with plans to train and certify a staggering 50,000 employees in NVIDIA AI technology. The objective? To equip these experts with the skills needed to provide invaluable generative AI guidance to a diverse array of customers spanning various industries.

A Visionary Perspective

Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder and chairman of Infosys, shared his insight, stating, “Our clients are also looking at complex AI use cases that can drive significant business value across their entire value chain.” His words echo the ambitious mission of Infosys to create comprehensive AI solutions that will pave the way for enterprises to adopt an AI-first approach.

A Unified Vision for the Future

Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, added his perspective, emphasizing the collaborative effort, saying, “Together, NVIDIA and Infosys will create an expert workforce to help businesses use this platform to build custom applications and solutions.” This unity of purpose promises a brighter future where AI becomes a transformative force for businesses worldwide.

Diverse Applications

The scope of this partnership isn’t confined to one industry; it extends to a multitude of sectors. Infosys and NVIDIA are actively co-developing AI-powered solutions for areas such as 5G, cybersecurity, and energy transition. Additionally, their focus on digitization applications aims to bring innovative solutions to enterprise use cases in 3D workflows, design collaboration, digital twin technology, world simulation, and beyond.

About Infosys:

Infosys Limited offers a wide range of IT consulting and software services, encompassing e-business, program management, and supply chain solutions. Their service portfolio includes application development, collaborative product development, as well as system implementation and engineering.

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