Intel considering anchor investment in Arm IPO says report

Intel considering anchor investment in Arm IPO says report

Intel Considering Anchor Investment in Arm IPO, Reports Suggest

According to a reliable source, Intel is reportedly engaged in discussions with Arm, a chip maker owned by SoftBank Group Corp, regarding a potential anchor investment in Arm’s upcoming initial public offering (IPO). This information was disclosed to Reuters on Monday.

In a previous report by Reuters back in April, it was stated that Arm plans to offer its shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange later this year, with the aim of raising a substantial sum of $8 to $10 billion.

Arm’s cutting-edge designs are utilized in the production of chips by numerous prominent semiconductor companies worldwide, including Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Qualcomm. The potential impact on Arm’s existing commercial partnerships, if any of these companies were to invest in the IPO, remains uncertain at this point.

The chip manufacturer confidentially filed for a U.S. stock market listing in April, marking the beginning of what is anticipated to be the largest IPO of the year.

Both Arm and Intel have declined to comment on the matter as requested by Reuters.

About Intel:

Intel Corporation, a prominent American multinational technology company based in Santa Clara, California, holds a significant position in the global semiconductor industry. With its substantial revenue, Intel stands as one of the largest chip manufacturers worldwide. Notably, the company has played a pivotal role in the development of the widely used x86 series of instruction sets, which are integral to most personal computers.

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