L&T subsidiary secures Mumbai’s Dahisar-Bhayander bridge project

L&T subsidiary secures Mumbai's Dahisar-Bhayander bridge project

L&T, a renowned name in the construction industry, announced on Tuesday that one of its esteemed subsidiaries has clinched a substantial contract for the construction of a crucial bridge in the bustling city of Mumbai.

The esteemed project has been awarded to the Transportation Infrastructure division of L&T Construction, marking another remarkable achievement for the company. This noteworthy endeavor, known as the Dahisar-Bhayander Bridge project, has been sanctioned by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), highlighting its importance for the region.

The Dahisar-Bhayander Bridge, spanning an impressive 4.5 kilometers, promises to be a game-changer for commuters in this region. Currently, the journey between Dahisar and Bhayander can be time-consuming, often taking more than 45 minutes to traverse. However, with this ambitious project in the pipeline, residents and commuters can look forward to significantly reduced travel times, bringing convenience and ease to their daily lives.

While the exact financial details of the contract have not been disclosed, it’s worth noting that L&T typically classifies a project of this magnitude as ‘large,’ with contract values ranging between Rs 2,500-5,000 crore according to their specifications. This substantial investment underscores the commitment to bolstering the city’s infrastructure and improving the quality of life for its residents.

As construction gears up to commence on the Dahisar-Bhayander Bridge project, Mumbai’s residents can anticipate a brighter and more efficient transportation future. This development not only reflects L&T’s dedication to excellence but also the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s vision for a modern and accessible city.

About L&T:

Larsen & Toubro Ltd, often referred to as L&T, is an Indian multinational conglomerate corporation. Its diverse business portfolio encompasses engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology, information technology, and financial services. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Mumbai, while its technical services division is based in Chennai. L&T is recognized as one of the world’s top five construction firms. Its inception can be traced back to the founding vision of two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro, who found sanctuary in India and established this remarkable enterprise.

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