Mankind Pharma soars 57% post-IPO, Attracts strong buying interest

Mankind Pharma soars 57% post-IPO, Attracts strong buying interest

Mankind Pharma soars 57% post-IPO, Attracts strong buying interest

Mankind Pharma Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical and condom manufacturer, has experienced an unprecedented surge in its stock price since its successful initial public offering (IPO) in May. This remarkable performance has propelled the company’s market value to over $8 billion, making it one of the most talked-about Indian stocks in recent years.

Following its listing, Mankind Pharma’s stock has soared by an impressive 57%, capturing the attention of investors and analysts alike. In fact, the company has garnered the highest number of analyst recommendations for an Indian stock that raised more than $500 million since November 2010, based on Bloomberg data.

Analyst Shrikant Akolkar from Asian Markets Securities Pvt. lauds Mankind Pharma as a homegrown pharmaceutical company with strong fundamentals, which has resonated well with investors seeking such success stories.

While the majority of analysts recommend buying the stock, the consensus price target currently stands 10% below its current level due to the stock’s outstanding performance. Presently, Mankind Pharma’s shares trade at approximately 53 times the trailing 12-month earnings, compared to the pharmaceutical industry benchmark in India, which trades at 31 times earnings. The company’s stock witnessed an impressive 32% surge on its debut.

Vishal Avinash Manchanda, Vice President of Institutional Research at Systematix Group, who holds the only hold rating on the stock, remarks that investors eagerly awaited an opportunity to invest in Mankind Pharma given its favorable valuation during the listing. However, he cautions that the stock’s current price may be stretched.

Mankind Pharma enjoys strong brand recognition among Indian consumers and investors due to its popular range of consumer products. Additionally, the company benefits from its limited dependence on exports, mitigating some of the challenges faced by other Indian pharmaceutical companies. Recently, US inspectors uncovered various issues at factories operated by Indian pharmaceutical firms, highlighting the advantage of Mankind Pharma’s domestic sales focus.

Notably, Mankind Pharma generates an impressive 97% of its sales within India, the highest percentage among similar-sized or larger Indian drug manufacturers. Moreover, approximately 8% of its domestic sales come from consumer healthcare products, including condoms, where the company holds the largest market share in the nation of 1.4 billion people.

By combining its strong market presence, solid fundamentals, and minimal export reliance, Mankind Pharma continues to attract significant attention from investors seeking promising opportunities in the Indian pharmaceutical sector.

About Mankind Pharma:

Mankind Pharma, headquartered in Delhi, is a pharmaceutical and healthcare products company based in India. The company offers a diverse range of products in various therapeutic areas, including antibiotics, gastrointestinal treatments, cardiovascular medications, dermal products, and medications for erectile dysfunction.

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