PVR INOX introduces Rs 699 monthly ‘Passport’ subscription pass

PVR INOX introduces Rs 699 monthly 'Passport' subscription pass

In a significant move to rejuvenate the film industry and make cinema more accessible to the masses, PVR INOX Ltd, one of India’s leading cinema chains, has introduced the ‘PVR INOX Passport’ subscription program. This innovative offering allows movie enthusiasts to enjoy the magic of the big screen without burning a hole in their pockets.

Affordable Cinema Enjoyment

Starting October 16, the “PVR INOX Passport” offers cinephiles the chance to watch up to 10 movies every month for just Rs 699. This incredible subscription is available for use on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. However, it’s essential to note that premium screenings like IMAX, Gold, LUXE, and Director’s Cut are not included in this offer.

Gautam Dutta, co-CEO of PVR INOX Ltd, revealed that this initiative was driven by a desire to understand and cater to moviegoers’ preferences and habits.

“Our customers have a strong connection with the cinema experience,” Dutta explained. “They want to watch the big blockbuster movies in theaters, and there are other films they wouldn’t mind waiting to enjoy on TV, iPad, or mobile. When we asked them why they don’t visit cinemas more often, the answer was simple: the cost.”

Dutta emphasized the importance of this initiative for the film industry, particularly for mid-level and smaller budget films that often struggle to find their place in a market dominated by major event films.

“The big blockbuster films are taking up more and more screen time, leaving limited space for smaller, independent films. We needed a product that could align with consumer sentiment and encourage them to return to cinemas more frequently. This will not only lead to more films being consumed but also produced, creating a larger and more diverse audience,” Dutta added.

Enhancing the Cinema Experience

PVR INOX has taken several steps recently to enhance the cinema experience for its patrons. They have reduced the prices of food and beverages by 40%, making it more affordable to enjoy snacks and refreshments during a movie. Additionally, the cinema chain has introduced food combos starting at just Rs 99 from Monday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., and on weekends, moviegoers can savor bottomless popcorn with unlimited refills.

Gautam Dutta believes that the “PVR INOX Passport” subscription plan will be a game-changer, stating, “We wanted to make the cinema experience more accessible to people who visit once, twice, or thrice a month. By doing this, we hope to boost movie consumption, spur more film productions, and create a habit of returning to the cinema. This isn’t just about discounts; it’s about shifting the momentum in the industry.”

Targeting a Broader Audience

The “PVR INOX Passport” subscription is specifically designed to cater to a diverse audience. It’s aimed at attracting students, housewives, and senior citizens who may have more time on their hands but want to make the most of their limited budgets.

Dutta clarified, “Our target audience is not the time-poor and cash-rich; it’s the other way around. We want to provide value to those who have the time to enjoy movies on the big screen but might be tight on funds.”

How to Get Your ‘PVR INOX Passport’

For those interested in this exciting movie subscription, a minimum commitment of three months is required. Subscriptions can be conveniently purchased through the PVR INOX app or website. To redeem your Passport, choose the Passport coupon as the payment option during checkout. If you’re booking multiple tickets, one can be redeemed using the Passport coupon, while the rest can be paid for using any other standard payment method. Please note that the Passport is non-transferrable and can only be used by the person who purchased it, who will need to show government identity proof when checking in at the cinema.

With the introduction of the ‘PVR INOX Passport,’ PVR INOX Ltd aims to make the magic of cinema more accessible to everyone, fostering a love for movies and supporting a vibrant and diverse film industry. This initiative promises a more vibrant future for the Indian film industry.


PVR Inox Pictures, formerly known as PVR Pictures, serves as the film distribution division of PVR Inox. The company is the owner of PVR Cinemas and INOX Leisure, two of India’s largest multiplex companies.

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