Relaxo Footwears Q1FY24 Results: Consolidated PAT of Rs. 56.32 Cr

Relaxo Footwears Q1FY24 Results: Consolidated PAT of Rs. 56.32 Cr

Relaxo Footwears Q1 results show revenue fell from 769.26 crores to 746.09 crores, a 3.01% decrease in growth. EPS down from ₹2.55 to ₹2.26, down by 11.37%.

First, Let’s Begin with Quarter-on-Quarter Basis:

Relaxo Footwears shared its Q1 results on Monday. They earned 746.09 crores in revenue this quarter, but that’s less than the 769.26 crores they made last quarter. Unfortunately, the company’s growth decreased by 3.01 percent when comparing the two quarters.

In terms of profits, the company’s PAT (Profit After Tax) for this quarter was 56.32 crores, down from 63.30 crores in the previous quarter. Their quarter-to-quarter growth decreased by 11.03 percent.

The company’s EPS (Earnings Per Share) this quarter is ₹2.26, which is a decrease of 11.37% from the ₹2.55 EPS in the previous quarter.

Now, Let’s Analyze the Results on a Year-over-Year Basis:

The company made a total revenue of 746.09 crores this year (2023), which is 18.19 percent higher than last year’s total revenue of 631.32 crores.

This year’s PAT (Profit After Tax) is 56.32 crores, which is also 45.64% higher than last year’s PAT of 38.67 crores.

The EPS (Earnings Per Share) for this year is ₹2.26, which is 45.81% more than the EPS of ₹1.55 earned last year.

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Relaxo Footwears Share Dividend Announcement / Record Date:

The record date for the dividend has not arrived yet.

About Relaxo Footwears:

Relaxo Footwears Limited, headquartered in New Delhi, is an Indian multinational footwear manufacturer. Renowned for its wide-ranging production, the company holds the position of being the largest footwear manufacturer in India in terms of volume and ranks as the second-largest in terms of revenue. With an impressive portfolio of 10 brands, including Flite, Sparx, Bahamas, and Schoolmate, Relaxo Footwears caters to a diverse customer base with its varied product offerings.

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