Tata Power: 7.5L Mumbai users benefit from lower tariff Post APLTEL Ruling

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Tata Power Provides Tariff Relief to 7.5L Mumbai Consumers Following APTEL Ruling

Leading energy supplier Tata Power declared on Friday that it will considerably lower rates for its 750,000 customers in Mumbai. This choice was made after the Maharashtra State Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC)’s pricing increase was ordered to be stayed by the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL).

Tata Power announced in a statement that APTEL suspended MERC’s amended pricing schedule on the Multiple pricing Revision (MTR) frameworks authorised by the commission, providing temporary relief. The rate proposal Tata Power filed to MERC on March 31, 2020 will thus once more be relevant. Notably, the reduced tariff benefits customers by being 25–35% cheaper than the present prices.

The decision not only provides comfort to Tata Power’s customers, but it also confirms the company’s claim that it can provide Mumbai residents with power at a lower cost.

Tata Power emphasised that because it can now pass through the pricing cut, its 7.5 lakh customers in Mumbai will immediately benefit from this decision. Tata Power has contacted APTEL to obtain an interim stay on MERC’s most recent rate decision, which was issued on March 30, 2023, in an effort to ensure fairness and affordability for its consumers. Despite Tata Power continuing to have a competitive average cost of supplies, this order would have led to higher pricing for customers.

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According to Tata Power’s President of Transmission and Distribution Sanjay Banga, “We will ensure that the relief granted by APTEL is passed on to our 750,000 consumers, further strengthening our dedication to fairness and affordability in all our operations.”

Tata Power customers in Mumbai will likely be pleased with the temporary suspension of the tariff increase and the ensuing price drop, which will increase access to power for city residents.

About Tata Power:

Tata Power Company Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is an Indian electricity utility firm that operates as part of the Tata Group. The primary focus of the company is the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

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