Torrent Power unveils public EV charging stations

Torrent Power unveils public EV charging stations

Torrent Power unveils public EV charging stations

A well-known electric utility firm, Torrent Power Ltd. (TPL), has made substantial progress in the electric mobility infrastructure sector, signifying its entry into sustainable energy solutions. The firm has 4 EV charging stations in Ahmedabad that are already operating, and it will soon open 2 more stations in Surat. Additional growth into other cities is also planned.

At Torrent Power’s office in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, the 4 EV Charging Stations were officially inaugurated today at midday. Mr. M. Thennarasan, Commissioner of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, and Mr. Robert Demann, Executive Vice President of Siemens India and Head of Smart Infrastructure for South Asia at Siemens Ltd., were present at the occasion.

With this action, Torrent Power has made a significant contribution to promoting a greener and cleaner environment for the people of Ahmedabad and Surat. Electric cars have the potential to significantly cut pollution levels and enhance air quality in metropolitan areas since they emit no emissions. By promoting broader use of electric cars and easing the charging procedure for customers, establishing a strong public EV charging infrastructure is essential for accelerating the modernization of the transportation industry.

Varun Mehta, Director of Torrent Power, outlined the company’s mission in the following way: “Our objective is to establish a wide and accessible EV charging network that is inexpensive for everyone. Torrent wants to alleviate range anxiety and encourage the mass use of electric vehicles by offering a dependable and extensive charging infrastructure.

The current locations of Torrent Power’s Public EV Charging Stations in Ahmedabad are as follows:

  1. Prahladnagar – Plug Point premises, Near Prahladnagar Garden
  2. Naranpura – Torrent Power Naranpura Office
  3. Drive-in Road – Near Saurabh Society
  4. Raipur – Opposite Raipur Darwaja Bus Stand, near Railway Station and ST Bus Stop

Siemens and Torrent Power have teamed up to make it easier to establish this EV Charging network. As a result of this partnership, TPL has placed three 60KW DC Fast chargers in Ahmedabad’s Prahladnagar, Naranpura, and Drive-In-Road neighborhoods. Notably, each charger can accept two automobiles at once. Additionally, Raipur in Ahmedabad now has a 22 kW AC charger installed. The statiQ App and the Torrent Power Customer Portal both provide access to the location information for these charging stations.

The firm has established a competitive billing rate of Rs. 12 per unit, which is among the lowest in the city, in an effort to provide Ahmedabad residents with fast-charging services that are reasonably priced. Additionally, Torrent Power has provided a 20% reduction on the initial price for a constrained time in order to encourage usage.

About Torrent Power:

Torrent Power Limited is a company engaged in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power. Additionally, the company undertakes significant power projects in India.

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