Expert Hemang Jani’s Advice on Adani Port & Ambuja Cement

Expert Hemang Jani's Advice on Adani Port & Ambuja Cement

Analysis of Adani Stocks and Earnings Season Takeaways

Adani Stocks: Ambuja vs Adani Port

The Adani Group is in the news lately due to intense volatility and negative media attention. However, two Adani stocks continue to garner high interest: Adani Port and Ambuja. While Ambuja is not an original Adani Group company and has an association with the markets, Adani Port has institutional investors showing strong interest and predictability in business.

According to market expert Hemang Jani, while there may be some value in both stocks, it would be prudent to wait for stability in the sector and the stocks before investing. The recent MSCI impact is known, and some sell flows are expected. Therefore, it is better to avoid investing at this point rather than exposing oneself to intense volatility.

Earnings Season Takeaways

The footwear stocks have experienced negative surprises during the earnings season, with some quoting at high PE multiples. However, Campus delivered a good set of numbers, and the stock has corrected, presenting an opportunity for investment.

Apollo Hospital’s earnings were slightly disappointing at the net profit level, but revenue was satisfactory. If the stock corrects due to the headline number, it may be worth investing in. Companies that deliver good numbers at the end of the earnings season are typically not great, so it is better to buy into names where there are upgrades or good earnings.

In conclusion, investors should exercise caution and wait for stability before investing in the Adani stocks. The earnings season has been mixed, but there are opportunities for investment in some stocks that have corrected.

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