Second Apple Retail Store to Launch in Delhi, India on April 20th


Details Of Apple Company Retail Store:-

Apple has announced that it will be opening its second retail store in India, following the first store opening in Mumbai. The new store will be located in Delhi and is set to open on April 20th, according to the company’s statement on Tuesday.

The announcement from the world’s largest mobile devices company also confirmed that the Mumbai Apple store is scheduled to open on April 18th.

According to Apple, the new store in Delhi, called Apple Saket, will feature a unique design inspired by the city’s many gates, each representing a different chapter of the city’s history. The barricade for the new store was revealed earlier today.

To celebrate the opening of the first Apple Store in India, the Mumbai store – called Apple BKC – will host a special series of events called “Mumbai Rising,” running from opening day through the summer.

Apple’s special series of events, “Mumbai Rising,” will bring together visitors, local artists, and creatives to celebrate the local community and culture in Mumbai through hands-on activities with Apple’s products and services, according to the company’s announcement.

According to CyberMedia Research (CMR), Apple has captured a 4% market share in India, with a 17% year-on-year increase in shipments in 2022. CMR’s Head of Industry Intelligence Group, Prabhu Ram, said that offline retail is a critical touchpoint in India, particularly for Indian consumers who prefer to physically touch and explore products before making a purchase.

Ram added that the flagship stores in BKC and Saket are essential for Apple’s future growth in India, as Apple’s retail stores globally set high standards in terms of consumer experience, staff knowledge and expertise, and service standards that go beyond products. He noted that the premium smartphone segment in India is growing in double digits, making the flagship stores well-positioned for future success.

According to CMR, Apple shipped $6 billion worth of smartphones in 2022, representing 79% of iPhones in the super-premium (Rs 50,000-Rs 1 lakh) smartphone segment.

Founder of The Unbiased Blog, Nikhil Chawla, stated that the launch of official Apple stores in India completes the holistic Apple experience. Consumers can now experience the entire ecosystem of Apple products, accessories, and customization options under one roof. Chawla added that the Apple store provides opportunities for customers to learn something new by signing up for programs such as “Today at Apple,” getting help with setting up devices, and transitioning from Windows or Android to the Apple ecosystem.

Chawla also noted that India is becoming a preferred manufacturing base for some Apple products, including iPhones.

About Apple Company:-

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Apple is the world’s largest technology company by revenue, with US$394.3 billion in 2022 revenue. As of March 2023, Apple is the world’s biggest company by market capitalization.

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